how do you begin blogging again after taking a break for several years?

apologize for the absence? (sorry, y’all.) explain why you’ve been gone? (met a boy, married a boy, got sick a lot.) just jump right in as if nothing ever happened?

i am about to dive head-first into a totally new, somewhat foreign chapter of my cystic fibrosis life and a large part of the motivation for reviving this little slice of internet is that i’m lazy (two points for honesty?) and figure writing about the experience will save me from having to have the same conversation with people many times. also, i have A LOT of thoughts and feelings about cf life that i don’t like talking about. i have no trouble writing about them, and keeping these thoughts to myself feels like a recipe for disaster or at least a nervous breakdown so here we are.

if you’re new here, welcome. if you were around for leannology v1.0 and feel ready for round two, welcome back.