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oh hi.

i’m back. four months later. you’re welcome.

i have so many good reasons for ignoring the blog. swears. here they are:

– i went to mexico
– i went to europe
– i got sick
– my sister got married
– i got kidney stones
– i had anxiety attacks
– i went to the beach
– i had a birthday
– i went to portland
– i’m sometimes tired and sometimes lazy

basically, i’ve been to all of the places and i’ve done all the things and i’ve got all the feelings and this poor little blog just got shoved to the back corner of that one closet where you keep the coats you don’t want anymore but don’t want to part with quite yet.

sorry, blog.


i’ve pre-written lots of goodies for you, so things will be poppin’ up on the regular for a while. you’re welcome.

here’s a sneaky peak photo from my trip to europe. it’s one of my favorite shots from schonbrunn palace in vienna.



in and out

there’s always this moment when i’m on iv antibiotics when i suddenly realize i can breathe again.

i totally just got there.



more soon. swears.


[do you know who created this image? hit me up so i can give it an attribution.]


i don’t want you to get too jealous, but i am totally heading to europe today.

i’ll be traveling with some work colleagues, who have also become some of my best friends in atlanta. it should probably come as no surprise that i slept for maybe an hour last night.

we’ll be spending a few days here:

vienna vienna-schonbrunn vienna-opera

and then we’re going here:

szekesfehervar1 szekesfehervar2

and then we’re going here:

budapest-parliament budapest-hotspring Panorama-Budapest-Budapest-Hungary

but before any of it, we have just enough time during a layover to go HERE, where i will surely lose my mind:


hopefully my next post will be filled with my own pretty photos of vienna, székesfehérvár, and budapest and not ones i stole from the internet.


p.s. the title of this blog post is how to say ‘bon voyage’ in german, then hungarian.