holy flippin’ moly. so much has happened since i last posted that the thought of actually detailing it all in a post makes me feel a little bit nauseated right now.

however. i just want to say that i have not forgotten about this at all, i just have been completely unable to devote any attention to it over the past few weeks. and after another few days, i SWEAR i’ll write more regularly.

ok. that’s it for now.



you know. i have the weirdest karma in the world sometimes. because, as things would have it, i landed myself in the hospital last night. i don’t really know what happened. one minute i’m feeling pretty ok and then next i can’t even take a deep breath. the good news is i reacted pretty quickly which increases my chances of getting out here more quickly. the bad news is, well, i think that’s obvious.

i don’t really have the energy to write anything else at the moment but i think i’ll be able to post on this thing a little more frequently than i had originally thought given that i’m probably going to be a little bit bored here.

the last thing i want to mention is that when i’m in the hospital, i don’t really like talking on the phone. i think the reason for this is i already talk enough about how i’m feeling with all the doctors and nurses and it just gets old really quickly. also, they keep me pretty busy here. no laying around in bed all day. so… i’m a little bit better with answering emails, and i recommend that if you’re eager for updates that’s the best way to reach me. if you don’t hear from me, that’s probably a good sign, as it means i’m working on getting better. naturally, if anything regarding my prognosis changes i’ll notify anyone and everyone. ok i think that’s it. i’ll probably be ok for visitors towards the middle of the week, if anyone is curious about that.



ok. here goes nothing…

recently, i have been thinking a lot about my life. and about my cystic fibrosis. and about my life with cystic fibrosis. those are sort of vague statements, but nonetheless they’re true. the vast majority of people reading this know what i’m trying to say, which i think is something along the lines of this: i have had a good number of things happen to me in the last two-ish years, that have forced me to make drastic changes to my lifestyle. a lot of these changes were not easy to make, but extremely necessary (which i have only come to fully realize in the past few months). and this is why i’ve been thinking a lot about my life.

one of my most recent thoughts regarding all of this is that for all the thinking i’ve done about how having cf has effected (affected? i NEVER know.), my life, i’ve never really thought at all about how my cf has effected the lives of all the people who know me. curious for some answers and prompted by a request to give a talk to some social work graduate students in a few weeks, i have emailed a portion of my closest friends asking them to write back with any questions or concerns they have ever had related to knowing a person with a chronic illness such as cf.

in just a few days, i’ve gotten several emails back, with loads of questions and comments, all of which are fantastic and illuminating. naturally i am going to do everything in my power to resond to each question to the best of my ability, and i thought the best way to do this jamming up inboxes would be to set up this blog. subsequently, it also allows for people to ask questions or comment anonymously should they choose, and comment on my onswers should they feel inspired to do so.

that being said, there are a few things i want to mention. first, while i feel extremely dedicated to this project, it is somewhat of an extra-curricular. my commitments to school and my healthcare come first, and so i will be posting entries as time allows. second, keep in mind that my answers and comments are strictly my own, and based mostly on how i feel about things. i don’t have a particularly strong interest in statistical information or reading scientific essays, so i probably won’t go into those things too much, mostly because i’m not extremely well-informed in those areas. if my posts leave you feeling hungry for more info, i am happy to refer you to websites, etc. that i think would be handy. lastly, just because i’m using this blog as my primary tool for providing information, does not mean i won’t talk about things in person. i am always open and happy to talk about anything and everything, for it is my sincerest belief that having these types of conversations is the only way we’re going to learn.

i think that about wraps things up for now. i am going to try to post my first “response” this weekend.